Down with one-size-fits-none insurance

See that guy on the dancefloor? The one dancing like John Travolta at 65 (sad), but drunker? You know how his night’s going to end – bumping into someone twice his size, a shove, perhaps a punch, a torn shirt, lost phone, walking home, angry girlfriend.

Lost phone. Insurance claim. Etc etc.

That guy is paying the same insurance premium as you.

You, who only knows about this because a video of him has gone viral. You, watching him from the comfort of your couch on your phone which is still firmly in your hand. You, who hasn’t hit a club since 2006.

You. Him. The same.

Brands like Spotify and Netflix don’t assume that your Pavarotti-belting, Real-Housewives-streaming neighbour is cut from the same cloth as you. Why should your insurer?

It can’t be right. This is why, at Granadilla, we’ve put personalisation as one of our most important focus points when developing insurance pricing.

We’ve made it our mission to better understand our customers’ actions and behaviours, and use this knowledge to adapt our pricing on the go. This essentially means minute-by-minute billing, where your premium pricing drops as you move into safer (we hope) place, like home.

But personalisation can be creepy – we see you Facebook. And we don’t want to be like that. So our personalised pricing is all opt-in and transparent. Don’t like it? Opt out. We’ll leave you alone.

Our aim is to prove to you that the more you let us know about yourself, the more we can give back. It’s not for advertisers, it’s just for you. Try it, it’ll be a nice change.