Get covered, refer friends, get some Randelas back in your pocket

These days, eish, it feels like money just runs out of our wallets faster than it takes Caster to finish the 800.

But all isn’t doom and gloom and Corn Flakes for dinner. Granadilla has made it easy for you to not only save on insurance, but you can also get money in your Granadilla wallet, which – surprise! – can be paid out as actual cash money. None of these obscure rewards programmes where you only ever seem to be able to use your points at some obscure DVD rental shop in Randburg.


Right, so how does this work?

It’s easy like Sunday morning!

Once you’ve got cover (and yes we can tell you are very happy about it), tell your friends how very happy you are about it too and share your unique invite code with them. We’ll make it easy for you to find this code, so not to worry! Then all your buddy needs to do is get covered with Granadilla – which is a win as they’ll be getting some radical savings. And then you, my friend, have just earned yourself R50. Which sounds like just a Nando’s ¼ chicken and change for the car guard BUT you earn R50 for every person that gets covered and enters your unique referral invite code.

So share away, earn lots of R50s and go live your best life, Granadilla-style!