The GoPro Hero 7 really is the hero of the action camera genre. Here’s why.

With tech improvements we generally are used to incremental change – a slightly improved camera, new interactions with an interface, the ever-changing headphone jack (we see you Apple). The same can be said for action cameras, but the Hero 7 Black blows incremental improvements right out of the water.

With a hefty increase on the price tag, one might wonder what exactly is so wonderful about the Hero 7 Black – well the wait is over: inside the otherwise normal looking Hero is a first-rate stabilization system called HyperSmooth. Out with your Blair Witch project footage, in with BBC Africa-style crispness.

What’s more, the stabilisation also has improved TimeWarp, which is GoPro’s time lapse feature, which can take incredible fast-forwarded footage of elements like traffic, a flower opening, a sunset – you get the gist.

Another brilliant feature the Hero 7 Black offers is called SuperPhoto – a high dynamic range (HDR) system. This means the camera takes several exposures of the same photo and combines the best elements of each one, creating one exceptional image.

Physically, it’s almost identical to its predecessor, bar a new black paint job and a redesigned microphone for better audio.

In other happy news, the Hero 7 Black is waterproof without needing a case (yay!) and boasts improved audio quality too.

Finally, the Hero 7 Black can livestream via your smartphone, initially to Facebook but soon to other sites like YouTube.

The GoPro Hero 7 Black is an action camera for the social age and for anyone who lives for video – if you can stomach the price tag!