Claiming? With Granadilla it’s a cakewalk

an absurdly or surprisingly easy task.


Claiming is notoriously cr*p – excuse our use of adjective. But the whole point of having insurance is that, when things go pear-shaped, claiming should be easy-peasy-Granadilla-squeezy. Fruity puns aside, there’s nothing worse than dutifully paying your premiums for years, and when the time comes for your insurer to have your back, out come processes and procedures that would leave a lawyer’s brain numb.

But no more!

Granadilla launched in September, and, true to Mzansi, we have had a number of claims for lost, stolen and damaged devices.

Our mission is to make claiming the easiest part of the insurance process – and we hope our stats will speak for themselves.

Granadilla’s average turnaround time to deliver a replacement device within South Africa is less than 36 hours to the customer’s (that’s your!) door. So if you’ve logged your claim on Monday at 13h00, that means your replacement device is in your hands by 1am Wednesday morning if you’re the kind of person that answers the door that time of night.

So far we’ve had to pay one claim out in cash as we couldn’t replace a customer’s lost device. Lo and behold, you think we exaggerate with this “instant” stuff but the proof is in the Granadilla pudding: payment was made in less than 2 seconds from when the customer hit submit! In fact, to be precise, it was made in 1.714 seconds – see below.


(Sidebar: This went into his Granadilla wallet – he withdrew the cash later that day).

Point is – claiming should be a relief – something that is a pleasant experience after you’ve gone through something a bit harrowing, like being robbed or losing an expensive device. With Granadilla, that’s how it should feel – diving into a hot pool on a summer’s day. Easy like Sunday morning. A blog post without cliches 😉

Don’t take our word for it  – download the app and try!

P.S. Obviously claiming is easy if you’re a legit customer. But there are also fraud syndicates in our midst, trying to steal from the pot our actual customers are contibuting to. Don’t worry – we (and AI) have got our eyes on them and can reassure you they won’t get away with it.