Granadilla Insurance asks Millennials, “what’s your table worth”?

Insurance is sometimes the last thing on a Millennial’s mind. It’s the one industry that has yet to prove its innovative and disruptive side- two terms that are often associated with this forward-thinking generation. So, what happens when a group of friends meet up, all of whom have or a wearing a tech item in addition to their smartphones, and no-one has insurance? So many things can go wrong, but everything can go right if you’re #CoveredByGranadilla.

It’s a social world.

Millennials often take time out from their busy day or on weekends to catch up on old friendships, reinforce new ones and forge new ones over a cuppa. This means that at any given time, a couple or group of twenty-to-thirty-somethings are gathered around a table for either coffee, lunch or drinks. So, have you ever stopped to think- what’s your table worth?

Take a group of four friends. Everyone at the table has a smartphone, 2 people have smart watches, 1 person has a tablet. Three out of the four friends don’t have insurance on these items because the hassle is too much. No-one has household insurance which they could add items to and even if they did, the cost that these traditional insurances charge is ridiculous. One out of the four friends has Granadilla Insurance for their smartphone and smartwatch and pays a delicious premium of under R150 for both items. The only smart one by the looks of it.

We understand you.

As insurance for the Millennials, Granadilla understands that because you’ve chosen to settle down later, or not purchase a house but rent instead. These factors mean that traditional insurance may not be the best option. Granadilla insurance caters specifically for your valuable everyday gadgets that you rely on to function. We ensure that you get covered without hassles and stay covered without hassles. We don’t have call centres to bug you or thousands of employees. Overhead costs are low, meaning Granadilla can afford to give you even more affordable premiums.

Now that you don’t have an excuse not to be #CoveredByGranadilla, what’s your table worth?



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