How does the Granadilla smart wallet work?

Granadilla is all about disruption and unsettling the traditional insurance model. Easy sign-ups, speedy claims and cash back in your wallet.

Because we’re all about causing a ruckus and disrupting the traditionalinsurance model, we’ve created the Granadilla smart wallet that puts you in control. Here’s how we want to help you do more than just save because we’re extra like that!

The 5 ways you can use the Granadilla smart wallet

  • Invite your friends & family to get some Granadilla goodness and for every person signs up for cover using your invite code, you earn R50 cash back in your wallet. So go ahead & make the circle bigger! Keep inviting, keep earning.
  • With the Granadilla lolly, everyone gets some. At the end of every year, whatever money is left in the claims pot will get paid back to members, straight into your Granadilla smart wallet.
  • If for any reason we need to pay out your claim instead of replacing your device, we will pay it straight to your Granadilla smart wallet.
  • A little thin on the cash for the month? No problem, you can give your pocket a break and pay your premiums from whatever cash you have in your Granadilla smart wallet.
  • Lastly, you can withdraw the cash from your Granadilla smart wallet into your bank account at any time. We’re talking real, cold, hard cash- to use for anything you like!

You have complete and unrestricted access to your Granadilla smart wallet, from within your app, at all times. So, there you have it! Unlike traditional insurance companies, we offer you complete transparency. You control your smart wallet and we give you more ways to earn cash back.

How many insurance companies can really say they help their customers make more money? At Granadilla, we can confidently concur.  



You can download the Granadilla App available on iOS & Android. Sign up and get covered in minutes.

You can also check us out on social media @GranadillaWorld on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.