Spend less time on insurance…

…and more time doing things you love!

When you sign up to Granadilla, we have no call centres to keep you on the line for what feels like an interminable time, no call centre agents rambling off terms and condition that you don’t understand- much less remember, and no paperwork that you need to fill in (and initial each of the one hundred pages). We use technology to automate most of our processes, giving you more time to do the things you love!

With this said- we are making insurance easier, faster and just less of a hassle! After all, who wants to spend their entire day on a call with their insurance company?

Here are 5 activities you could add to your list of things to do in your new found spare time:

Fruit Picking

From berries to litchis, to figs and cherries, the activity of ficking your own fruit is so fulfilling and you feel much more excited about eating the fruits. It’s also great to get to learn things about the fruits we keep in our fridges, facts and insight that you won’t see on the labels in stores. Put on a hat and oodles of sunscreen and spend a day getting fresh air, some Vitamin D and getting your hands sweet and sticky.


You don’t have to plummet out of a plane 4,000m in the sky to have an adrenaline rush. Go-karting is a great way to keep your feet on the ground and still take part in a thrilling activity. The high speed, the sharp turns, crashing into the boundary of tyres- it’s all part of the wreckless fun you can have a in a safe and controlled environment. No speeding fines here baby!

Hiking Trails

There’s nothing like taking a long, long stroll in the wilderness whilst being in the middle of or right next to the city. Taking an early morning hike on a trail- no matter how long or short- gives you a great start to the day as well as that much needed exercise that you could be missing out on. It’s fun and easy and you can take it as slow or as fast as you’d like. Stuffy gyms are so last year, outdoor fitness in fresh air and the relaxation of nature is all the rage right now!


No, we don’t mean your Aunt Georgina’s saturday morning flea market which is basically one big garage sale for people selling their personal old and unwanted goods! We are talking trendy weekend markets where all the cool kids come to play, you can enjoy gourmet food and snacks, craft drinks flow and everyone’s dancing! Markets are a fun way to meet new people or just enjoy the company of old friends in a new setting.


The ultimate relaxation. Read a book. Now that you don’t have to wreck your brain over your insurance and policies and what’s covered and what’s not, you can enjoy some peaceful down time with one of your favourite books or magazines.

We care about you holistically

Granadilla is here to solve a broken industry that is full of mistrust, is complicated, lacks empathy, is expensive, is marred by fraud, is not at all transparent, and ultimately is, very much a grudge purchase.

Through disruption and innovative technology, Granadilla stands for efficiency and transparency in the Insurance industry- making it our mission to give you more time for the more important things in life.



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