A new generation are demanding a new kind of insurance

Today is all about the hustler.

Millennials are the current working force and they are a force to be reckoned with.

This generation of people are notorious for their determination, career focus and always-on state of mind. This is the workforce that is changing the landscape of the working world. Corporates are shifting, working hours are blurred and office cubicles are failing to contain this generation who seem to be mushrooming and consuming everything they come into contact with. Some say they’re lazy, others call them efficient and Bill Gates says, “I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

So how does an insurance company cater to a generation who are more and more believing in either forming stokvel-like peer groups where everyone contributes monthly to a pot or simply opening a bank savings account and depositing money into it for a rainy day?

How Granadilla is changing the dynamic

The insurance industry has definitely experienced a turn of events in the era of the Millennial. This generation is more aware of what they deserve and are not afraid to demand it. If there is no action from the brands or corporates, Millenials will often set out to do or create their own product as a solution to their perceived problems. It is this mindset that spurred the creation of the insurtech industry, the revolution of insurance.

At Granadilla, we are all about catering to the new needs of the people- whether you are a Millennial or not. Times have shifted and the services we provide our customers have to adapt too. Granadilla uses the negatives of the insurance industry- complicated paperwork, dreary call centres, lack of empathy and the scars of fraud and ambiguity- and turns it into positives. Through integrated technology, we are able to offer transparency, friendly bots who help you fill in your details in a matter of seconds, cheaper premiums and an overhaul making insurance less cringe-worthy and more customer-friendly.

Here’s to Granadilla- the insuretech revolutionising the face of insurance and giving the new age generation what they asking for!



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