Granadilla lets you enjoy the dawn of DIY insurance.

The rise of Insurtech

Gone are the days where you have to rely on call centres, other people or companies to get your finances in ship-shape. Today, most banks have embraced technology and innovation to bring their customers more advanced and dynamic ways to interact with their brand and product offering. With online banking, mobile banking and banking apps – the financial industry is beginning to put the power into the customer’s hands.

Granadilla Insurance is a forerunner on the insurance front – bringing you app-based insurance to make life a little less complicated. We have realised our customers’ pleas for transparency, ease and more value for money. With our user-friendly insurance app, Granadilla allows you to do everything yourself – from signing up for the cover of your choice to submitting your claim all the while ensuring the utmost transparency and independence.

Granadilla’s app-based insurance

With Granadilla’s app-based insurance everything is D-I-Y, giving you full control over what was once a process shrouded in hidden terms and conditions. Signing up to Granadilla Insurance is so easy, you can get covered by the time you finish reading this article. No paperwork, no fuss.

This is how easy it is:

  1. Download the Granadilla app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Follow Nandi’s instructions – our super helpful chatbot who will take you through the process step-by-step.
  3. Get your quote within a few minutes.
  4. Bingo! Accept your premium and you’re covered faster than you can get a coffee-to-go!

Swipe, tap, insure, done! (Like literally)

Instant sign-ups. Instant claims. Add flavour to your life with the fruitiest insurance yet.

Granadilla is here to lighten your load when it comes to  complicated, impersonal and expensive insurance.



You can download the Granadilla App available on iOS & Android.

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