What happens when a group of techies start an insurance company?

The insurance landscape is fast advancing and Granadilla plans to be an important part of the new face of the industry. Before tapping into the insurance industry, Jonathan Walker, CEO and Founder of Granadilla, owned a successful software company. So what makes a “techie” want to get involved in such a complicated industry marred by distrust and frustration? What happens when an innovator develops new tech for an industry that is notorious for long, drawn-out processes, endless paperwork and hidden terms and conditions?

Walker started Granadilla Insurance out of personal frustration when his laptop and cell phone got stolen and he wondered if there wasn’t an easier way to go about it. Says Walker, 42: “My laptop and phone got stolen and it took my insurer TWO MONTHS to replace them – which is a nightmare when you essentially run your business off your cell and laptop.”.

Using his background in technology and financial services, Walker started doing research and sought to build a more efficient system focused on customer centricity and more affordable, flexible premiums. Focusing on the mobile app as being the primary channel for customer service engagement and transacting holds benefits to both the customer and the insurance provider.

Granadilla was able to develop the solution from the ground up, allowing Walker and his team to build in new technologies such as the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning that continuously improves the customer experience and gives customers access to their insurance provider 24/7.

Without the legacy operational and technological restrictions that older insurance companies have to deal with in order to launch new innovations, Granadilla was able to launch their insurance platform with much less manpower and overheads required than traditional competitors, meaning Granadilla can continuously provide real benefits to their customers such as:

  • No paperwork
  • Instant signups
  • Instant claims
  • Virtual assistance wherever you are & whenever you need it
  • More affordable premiums
  • Transparency
  • Cash back at the end of the year
  • Instant access to all your policies
  • The freedom to make changes to your policies as you wish
  • No hidden terms and conditions

Granadilla is here to lighten your load when it comes to  complicated, impersonal and expensive insurance. Through the smart and educated use of technology, Granadilla is creating insurance to suit your lifestyle. It’s about time the customer comes first in this industry!



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