Granadilla insures everyday heroes

When one of our customers, Ethan Coetzee, claimed for his lost Airpods and then a couple of days later called us to explain that he found them and wanted to pay back the money, we realised that not all heroes wear capes!

“I was really surprised by how easy it was to claim from Granadilla, because I’ve heard stories about waiting weeks for an insurance claim to get approved and the money to be transferred, but after less than 24 hours the money was in my wallet on the app and all I had to do was transfer it to my account,” Mr Coetzee said about his claims experience with us.

We believe in building a lifelong relationship with our customers where respect and honesty are mutual and pineapple on pizza is accepted. At Granadilla, we are paving a two-way street that will benefit both parties in the end. Ethan noted, “I decided to contact you after I found them because I firmly believe in ‘what goes around comes around’ and I didn’t want to spend money that wasn’t really mine”. We paid out his claim when he needed it most and in return, he paid us back with honesty when it mattered the most. Ika van Wyk, Head of Marketing at Granadilla expressed, “We were obviously happy to be of assistance when Ethan lost his earphones and when he told us that he found it again and wanted to pay back his claim… it blew us away! Ethan is a great example of the type of trust that exists between us and our customers.”.

Welcome to a new kind of insurance, one that you will actually, really love. Welcome to the Granadilla kind of insurance.




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