The reward for being an awesome customer

Transparent fees

At Granadilla, we believe that transparency is a cornerstone of what we do. And when it comes to your money, you have the right to know how your premiums are being used to cover you against risk.

Every month your premiums and everyone else’s premiums go into a pool from which Granadilla and our underwriters, Bryte, get 20% each for providing you with your insurance. The remaining 60% of what we call the claims pool is used to pay out any valid claims that occur.

How the cash back works

If, at the end of each 12-month cycle and after all premiums have been received and claims have been settled, there is money left in the claims pool, this little pot of Granadilla gold gets divvied up and paid back to our customers.

Each customer’s cash back amount is determined by how long they’ve had their policies with Granadilla, and how much their total monthly premium contribution is. Your cash back will be paid directly into your Granadilla wallet.

How to grow your pot of Granadilla Gold

Remember, at Granadilla we are a family and as such everything we do affects everyone else. The bigger the family, the bigger the pool and the more chance we all have of getting a bigger share at the end of the year. We work around the clock to make sure we detect fraud and invalid claims early on so that the claims pool is used fairly.

An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but Granadilla keeps you sane when your beloved tech items go astray.  Whether its gadgets, jewellery or travel, we’re all about taking the “urgh” out of insurance and making sure that you are covered stress-free. 

Finally, insurance that tries to give back more than it receives! 




Policies are underwritten by Bryte Insurance Company Limited, a registered insurer and authorised financial services provider. Provider Number: 17703