Let’s Talk About Granadilla’s New Look & Sexy Website Back-End

Since February 2021 you may have started seeing some interesting changes here on Granadilla.ai. First, we got a swanky new look, improved the website and introduced a back-end that allows you to transact freely from any device – no APP needed. That’s why we said goodbye to the APP on the 1st of April. While we are busy spitting and polishing other new products, our customers are able to enjoy full cover for their fave gadgets like smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, tablets and cameras.

To make it even easier for you to get a quote, sign up or claim, simply download our Smart Button onto your phone’s home screen by doing the following:

  • Visit our website using your phone: granadilla.ai
  • Look out for a pop-up with our logo which says: “To add this web app to your home screen…”
  • Follow the instructions.

What hasn’t changed at Granadilla?

Apart from the above, everything else you’ve come to love about us has stayed the same. Getting a quote, signing up and claiming are STILL very convenient and fast. Nandi, our superbot is STILL super conscientious, and Team Granadilla is STILL inspired by you.

Bryte Insurance Company Limited is also STILL the underwriter-rockstars behind Granadilla. Legit underwriters for the legit instant gadget cover you are after!

It is our motto that you should live passionately out there in the world, and use your gadgets to do so, worry-free. Yes, life happens, but when you are #CoveredByGranadilla keeping your gadgets protected is a concern you can happily outsource to us. You do You. We’ve got this.

What makes Granadilla different?

See the thing is, the way people choose to live and work has changed. Long before Covid-19 and the work-from-home movement, people like you were already marching to the beat of your own drum. That’s why we believe you deserve an insurer that doesn’t follow the status quo but instead follows you. We use Artificial Intelligence, and the like, to make insurance work for you. We specialise in cover for the gadgets you LOVE because we know you need those to do what you LOVE.

So go on, South Africa, live Passionately #CoveredByGranadilla!