7 Tips to Protect Your Tablet

Gadgets like our tablets are helping us to live and work exactly like we want, where we want. A tablet is like the “baby” our laptop and smartphone made. What marvellous technology! It is helping us complete more complex things via a bigger screen while on a train, at a coffee shop, in the car etc. – without the schlep of having to pull out and open up a laptop first.


Your tablet has become part of your day-to-day, maybe you even have a little nickname for it… So if this sounds like you, read on.


Our top tips to help you keep your trusty tablet in mint condition:

1. Get a good quality protective case

A good quality protective case not only protects your device from potential drops or any screen scratches, but it also provides various practical purposes (depending on type). But still, please refrain from transporting your tablet under your arm or on top of your lunch box. Your tablet deserves to travel in style!

2. Consider a screen protector

Most tablet cases have a protective flap to cover its screen. Don’t have one of those? Consider a screen protector. It won’t interfere with any of your functionalities but will protect your screen from scratches or worse…a shattered screen in the event of an accidental drop.

3. Clean it with a soft tablet cloth

Use a soft, lint-free tablet cloth or a jewellery cleaning cloth to softly wipe your screen clean once per week. Don’t use toilet paper! There are excellent screen cleaning spray on the market that can help you remove dust and dirt even more effectively. Give it a go!

4. Charge it accordingly

Believe it or not but there is such a thing as overcharging a tablet. Leaving it on the charger overnight is therefore not a great idea. To help your battery function at its best, take your tablet off the charger once it has reached a full charge. Apple suggests allowing your tablet to undergo a complete full circle charge once per month (i.e. allow it to run dead and then power it to the max).

5. Say “no” to the elements

Obviously we know to keep our tablets out of the rain and away from any other source of liquid i.e. the bath, a beverage spill etc. But don’t forget that our devices don’t appreciate extreme weather i.e. heat or cold either. Keep your tablet at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

6. Upgrade its software

As with any electronic device it’s not just about appearance. Software updates ensure that any bugs and vulnerabilities are resolved and that a tablet’s hardware functionality can be improved. So remember to run updates when needed.

7. Get gadget cover

Because we know life happens, Granadilla offers its customers instant gadget cover in the event of accidental damage, loss or theft. Chat to our super-bot Nandi for an instant quote from R4.87* per day (R146.30 per month for R12,000 cover).

Live Passionately #CoveredByGranadilla.

You do You. We’ve got this!