Why insure your gadgets with Granadilla?

Excellent question! Granadilla has been around since 2018. From the get-go we’ve been providing a growing list of customers with instant cover and quick claims…almost like machines.

Funny story: we actually outsource a lot of the blah-blah stuff to bots, like our superbot Nandi. Because thanks to AI technology, we are able to bring down the price of our cover and up service. It’s a win-win all the way.


Who could stay the same after Covid-19 hit, right? We thought it was time Granadilla got a facelift.

So what’s changed?

The APP’s gone, but in its place, we’ve started developing a kick-ass back-end that allows customers to transact directly from the website via any device. Phase 1 of this is complete.

You can download a SmartButton on your phone’s screen and get an instant gadget quote for your smartwatch, smartphone, laptop, tablet and camera. Want to make changes to an existing account? Sure, just email help@granadilla.ai and will sort it out, chop-chop.

3 Reasons to take out gadget cover from Granadilla: 

  1. We offer single-item gadget cover – Gadgets come into risk more often than let’s say, your TV for example. Taken your TV to work recently? Didn’t think so. Single-item means it is separate from your other insured items so when you do claim, it doesn’t affect your entire portfolio.
  2. Pay less – We know you are on a budget – respect! That’s why our gadget cover policies are up to 30% cheaper. We’ve got your back!
  3. We’re gadget pros – The way people live, and work has changed, and we’ve kept up. We know your gadgets help you earn a living. We are the gadget cover pros and your stolen, broken or lost gadget irks us, just as it irks you. So, when you claim, we mean it when we say: “We are on it!”.

Hold on, the next phase is about to get very interesting…

Sit back and get ready to be blown-away by more disruptive products…like in a lot!

We’ll be rolling out these as well as the completed back-end over the next few months. Watch this space….

While you are here, why not get a quote? We dare you! Click here.

Live Passionately the Granadilla way!

You do You. We’ve got this!