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New on-demand daily insurance for cyclists

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Granadilla has launched a first for South Africans today; daily on-demand insurance for cyclists from as little as R1 a day.

Because cyclists need insurance too

In addition to our current gadget and travel insurance, this latest on-demand cycling product has two cover options. The descriptions really do speak for themselves. The base “Get Me Home” cover is to get you home should you experience a mechanical failure. If you’re stuck with a puncture you can’t fix, for example, you can hail an Uber, send your receipt to us via their app and voila, all expenses are covered.

The current additional, optional offering is “Hijack” cover. (Watch this space as there will be more options to come). A bicycle hijacking can be a very traumatic event, but these hijackings are unfortunately a harsh reality faced by too many cyclists in South Africa.

It’s a matter of convenience.

Convenience for the end-user is delivered via two cover options each with a description that really speaks for itself. The base “Get Me Home” cover is, well, to get cyclists home when stuck with an unfixable technical malfunction like a puncture for example. Hail an Uber, send the receipt to Granadilla via the app and voila; all expenses are covered. An additional optional offering is “Hijack” cover. According to Tracker.co.za – cyclists are increasingly becoming soft targets of bike-jackings where sophisticated criminals dismantle bikes, pack them into 200-litre drums and move them across the border.

#Insuretech for the people

Jonathan Walker, CIO & founder of Granadilla emphasises, “Granadilla was founded to help solve a broken industry. One that’s full of mistrust; is complicated and expensive; marred by fraud; lacks empathy and isn’t transparent and, ultimately, represents what’s very much, a grudge purchase. We’ve pushed the boundaries by offering very slick, easy and cheap insurance for gadgets and travel. Today we’re advancing that boundary further by offering fully-flexible, per-day cover for the ever-growing cycling community in South Africa.”



You can download the Granadilla App available on iOS & Android. Sign up and get covered in minutes.

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