Global Mobile Awards: Best Smartphone 2021 Award Goes To…

We all have our “fave” smartphone brand but according to the judges for the Global Mobile Awards held at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier in July, it is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra that ticked all their boxes this year.

This phone competed with the Galaxy S20 FE 5G, Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, OnePlus 9 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra for this win.


7 Tips to Protect Your Tablet

Gadgets like our tablets are helping us to live and work exactly like we want, where we want. A tablet is like the “baby” our laptop and smartphone made. What marvellous technology! It is helping us complete more complex things via a bigger screen while on a train, at a coffee shop, in the car etc. – without the schlep of having to pull out and open up a laptop first.

Your tablet has become part of your day-to-day, maybe you even have a little nickname for it… So if this sounds like you, read on.


NEWS: Where’d the Granadilla APP go?

Do things at Granadilla look different to you? That’s because we’ve waved a magic wand over our branding and back-end, and the APP had to go too. But don’t worry! You are still in very good company.