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Claiming is a cakewalk

So your 1st love has been stolen or lost. Don’t stress – claiming is as easy, peasy, granadilla-squeezy.

Just follow the simple steps below to complete your claim.

Step 1

Log into your account

On our app, easy, peasy!

If your device has been lost or stolen – use a girlfriend’s, boyfriend’s, wife’s, husband’s, parent’s or mate’s device – just use your mobile number to login and voila 😉

Step 2

Tell Wayde what happened

Let Wayde, our super helpful claims bot walk you through the submission process. You will need to upload supporting documentation & the likes.

Step 3

Hey presto!

Your replacement device will be on its way.

Meet Wayde

So your phone has been swiped, dunked, or dropped. Wayde is here to help you with your claim and take away the world of pain. He can be a bit serious – don’t mind him – but that’s just because he wants to sort you out pronto. If you need to get this done, this guy’s the one!