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Cyclist On-Demand Insurance

Cycle. Get some exercise and burn some calories. Enjoy!

Cycling - so good for the body and mind. But, you can get stuck. What can you get cover for?

Granadilla provides “Get me home” cover as a standard – and then you can add on some additional spice for hijack cover.

Wanna know what you’re covered for? Look no further.

No magnifying glass needed, we’ve made the fine print a little bit bigger so you know exactly what you are, and aren’t covered for.

What’s covered?

The choice is all yours 😉 You get to select from a basket of options, choose what you want and only pay for what you choose. This is on-demand, per-day cover starting at R1 a day!

Get me home

You went big and are now 130 km’s from home. But, you’ve just hit a (f**kin) pothole and now have a puncture and you forgot to bring your puncture repair kit. Eish.

No worries, hail an Uber, get home or to your nearest bicycle repair shop and relax, Uber bill and any related expenses – tick, we have you covered.


A harsh reality unfortunately for too many cyclists in South Africa. A man with a gun has forcibly removed your bike from your possession (not that you didn’t feel like giving him a snot klap, we hear you), but he had a GUN.

Forget about it, move onwards and upwards. Hopefully, you haven’t been hurt, but if you have, get yourself fixed up and back to tip-top shape and send us your bills.

Need some trauma counselling (it’s always helps to have a shoulder to cry on – seriously), yup, we got that coevered too.

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