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First things first. What gadgets can you insure?

That’s easy – Granadilla insures any device that’s a spring chicken aka less than two years old. Sorry friends no golden oldies here!

More good news: Your excess drops over time.

Unlike the price of petrol, your excess will actually go down. In month 1 your excess is 15%, and will drop every month until month 4, when it will bottom out at 7.5%. It’s a pleasure.

What are you covered for?

No fine print. No legalese. What does Granadilla cover-lovin really mean for YOU?

Here’s what’s covered


Now you see it, now you don’t. We know how quickly that happens. Shem. But not to worry, Granadilla’s got your gadget covered for in case it decides to “get legs”, South African style.

Accidental loss

Is that handbag or back pocket feeling a little lighter than it did an hour ago? You wouldn’t be the first person to leave your gadget somewhere random for it never to be seen again. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Accidental damage

We see you, a person who likes to talk with their hands. We also see your gadget flying out of them to connect with tarmac. With Granadilla, accidental damage (whether it is totally idiotic or not), is covered.

Within the borders of SA

Because we’re Proudly SA, Granadilla covers your gadget for loss, damage or theft from the northern reaches of the Kalahari to Cape Agulhas. If you’ve emigrated to Australia you’re on your own buddy.

Worldwide for 30 days

Hey there globetrotter. Whether you’re backpacking or swanning around the Four Seasons, you’ll be happy to know your gadget is covered on your travels for up to 30 days. That’s fine, you can thank us later.

Here’s what’s not covered

Pre-existing conditions

So you lost your shit and threw your gadget at your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/dog [insert applicable thing here] and cracked it, and decided to get insurance after the fact so you could claim? No way José, find another way! Granadilla doesn’t cover pre-existing issues with your gadget.

Theft from unattended vehicle

So you treat your car like it’s a vault? It’s not – cars get broken into all the time, rather keep your stuff on you than risk leaving it in a car where it’s easy to grab. Especially if it’s lying in plain sight!

Malicious / intentional damage

We all want the latest gadgets, but dropping your old one from the rooftop to lodge a claim is not the way to go. Just don’t do it.

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