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Travel Insurance

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So you’re jetting off somewhere fabulous. What can you get cover for?

Granadilla provides travel delay cover as a standard – and then you can add on some additional spice like lost luggage or natural disaster cover. So many fun things can happen while you’re off living your best life. See the list below.

Wanna know what you’re covered for? Look no further.

No magnifying glass needed, we’ve made the fine print a little bit bigger so you know exactly what you are, and aren’t covered for.

What’s covered?

The choice is all yours 😉 You get to select from a basket of options, choose what you want and only pay for what you choose. Base cover starts at R6.58 a day!

Travel delay

When you’re staring up at the departures board and your flight number goes red and you just know that you’re going to miss your connecting flight…and the one after…and your hotel booking…and your museum tour. Covered.

Car hire excess

There’s nothing quite like that heart-sinking sound of metal scraping on…well anything basically. Granadilla travel insurance will cover the car hire excess if you choose to add this optional extra coverage.


We’re sure you love the feeling of arriving at your destination with nothing but the clothes on your back. For all the rest of us, it’s great to be covered for baggage theft so you can at least replace your stuff without burning a hole in your wallet – a must-have optional extra!

Natural disaster

Earthquakes, tsunamis and even the odd flood have been known to not only ruin the odd holiday, but cause devastation and disaster. Our optional natural disaster cover will have your back when you’re caught in an emergency like this.

Visa issues

It’s not only Home Affairs that takes its sweet time – the friendly folks at visa offices have a minor reputation for not giving a fruit fly about when your flights are and helping you make them. If you’re going abroad this is important optional cover to include.

Trip cancellation

Life is about as predictable as the R/$ exchange rate. Many airlines and hotels don’t refund you for cancelled journeys so we highly recommend adulting and getting cover for this. Then at least you can reschedule your trip with no loss to you!

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